Four Day Baked Beans

I wanted to keep a reminder to me somewhere about the best tasting beans I have had to date. Not saying it’s the tastiest recipe for beans ever made, just for me specifically, top five easily beans I’ve ever had. This includes beans served at the Tex-Mex places I’ve gone to here in Texas so that’s saying something at least. I have not really kept good track of the amount of places I’ve had beans at, overall either. If I had to guess it’s about a dozen or two places over the years. So anyways, being in the top 5, the recipe lets me have these things easily at home. The recipe is:

1.5 Lb Bacon

1.0 Lb Kidney Beans

0.5 Lb Black Beans

1-2 Tbsp Harissa or Berbere

3 Chicken Breast

I’m pretty sure the recipe can do without the chicken breast, but I was mostly looking for a way to make both beans and chicken breast taste good for me. I did! So, all I did was take the dried bags of beans, add it in a slow cooker, then lay the slab of bacon on top and stuff the chicken in on the sides. Then I poured in about a cup of water or so. Then I covered the meat with the Harissa seasoning (I used it from a brand called Spicewalla). After that I just let it cook for a few hours on high, then more on low, then I got tired of the strong smell of the stuff cooking while i was trying to sleep so I took it out and popped it in the fridge overnight.

Next morning I took it back out and set the cooker back on high, then moved it back and forth between medium and warm through the day. I stored the stuff in the fridge for the 2nd night too, because the great smell disturbed me when I was trying to sleep. So the third day, I noticed it didnt really smell any more. I also saw that the water was gone and there was basically just liquid bacon fat left.

So I let it cook all day on low, and then overnight on warm, and then the fourth day I put it back up to medium. It was starting to show that it was going to burn from basically frying in bacon grease at this point, the water was gone a while ago and the remaining fat was going into the beans.

By the end of the 4th day there was no liquid left, and the beans were amazing. The bacon and chicken had completely broken down at this point too, the entire meal was incredible to me. I paired it with some broccoli and chicken legs. I can say I’ll be cooking this again as soon as I can, the meal continued to get better day by day, I had been taking a cup or two away per day to eat at.

A modification here could be that if you wanted to cook the beans without adding much water, you could just take away the chicken breast and then cook down the bacon for a bit until the liquid part separates and then add the beans to that! I also think I might have used harissa seasoning instead of berbere, but either one makes a good pot of beans. One thing that is important is to make sure the bacon is not spiced itself! This will change the flavor quite a bit. Cured or uncured bacon is just fine, I had a little more luck getting the fat to break down completely with cured bacon.

In the end it kind of looks like this:

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