Here be words

I made this site because i got tired of TikToks, Facebooks and Instagrams, like a lot of folks. All I can do really on those things is just chat or post a few sentences on the stuff i happen to do on a particular day. I don’t really get much of a chance to talk about how, for the last half a year the accounts I made were inundated with with a relentless assault of bots and scammers alike, not really fostering much of a conversation .. and often burying the ones I was having in spam. The things are basically fancy text messaging systems and sure they have their place but a page of fancy text messages gets kind of boring after a little while.

Some history here is that I didn’t use the things for about a decade. I just conducted my life outside of them mostly normally. I didn’t have a specific reason to not use them, I guess I’d say they just seemed like a chore. Turns out they sure were!! Specifically the most tedious part of the things was sifting daily through a hundred or so scammer or bot accounts while looking for actual people. After a while I gave up on this and just started adding every single account that followed or added me as a friend or followed me.

It worked out .. interestingly. At the time of me closing the account, I managed to scrape up a TikTok account with 15k followers, of which less than a dozen i even knew. This hobby took me easily dozens of hours of just logging in mostly daily, and often multiple times a day, and clicking on the follow back button. It got pretty boring at times and so I played with ways of changing the routine up a little bit. Like sometimes I’d open the app every hour and just add ten accounts, other times I’d wait a few days and spend an hour adding accounts.

Anyways, most of this started on TikTok, and then the process followed over to Facebook and Instagram. My Instagram account had about 6.5k followers and the Facebook account had about 5000 friends, which is apparently the limit on friends that Facebook will let you have. Out of all the platforms, the folks on Facebook were the most genuinely human of the bunch, often some pastor in another country trying to scare up some bucks for his orphanage or what not. All the best to them! Enjoy Charlie Lion!