Hi, I’m Online

This site was made from a template I found online. I’ve never had my own up to date online page, so there’s probably a few things that still look or sound like they are from the template. If you find it – that’s cool. If not – that’s cool too. Anyways I am an American, not really a writer of any kind. I grew up in a New York City suburb for 20 or so years, then spent the next 15 or so years in Oklahoma, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, North Carolina and Texas, in no particular order. I completed my elementary and high schooling in New York, and have somewhere around 240 college credit hours and only an Associates Degree to show for it so good for me I guess. I spent about 9 years in college, undergraduate focuses entirely including Biochemistry, Physiology, Physics, Mathematics, Computer and Electrical Engineering and Avionics, across about 9 or 10 different institutions. Currently I’m pursuing a bachelor degree completion program with a pretty good school in Massachussetts, and getting lots of certifications.

Around 2014 I was pretty interested in cryptocurrencies, but have since left active participation in that field to pursue interests in AGI developments. I am consistently surrounded by at least 140 computers at home and operate a computer lab to the extent that I can find time to do so.

After racking up enough debt when I was a bit younger, I decided that it was time to get out of it, and in getting out of the school debt I entered the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry with a fortune 500 company for quite a number of years, then left it in 2021 to pursue other interests in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry including consulting and working directly with OEM’s, and traveled extensively during those years. At this time since late 2023, I’ve relocated to NY’s capital region, still working in the US pharmaceutical industry, and also run a small real estate business in North Carolina. I’ve been a part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry since 2005, in all sorts of roles. Currenly I spend entirely too much time at the gym and writing things down.

Early on